Today I had a terrifying dream. it started with walking from the train. I was walking with a friend, its unclear who at the time and there were two younger black women near me also from the train. As we walk, we realize that were caught in a fight between two younger black boys and an older black male (maybe late twenties or early thirties) from one side of the street to the other. They’re throwing rocks at each other, which initially prompts everyone to walk faster. then the rocks start coming at us faster and they’re increasing in size to the point where we have to get on the ground to avoid them. huge rocks, up the size of small human head, are being thrown so we all get on the ground. The older black male pulls out a gun and shoots one of the younger black boys, so we naturally all run screaming. There is emphasis on the act of revealing his gun and a sense of terror at the power that he holds by holding the gun. I don’t remember the  details, but we manage to get away from him, maybe save one person. I notice him around the neighborhood and he makes passes at me, which I refuse. My refusal is met again with the revealing of his gun, which he insists will ensure that he gets what he wants. At some point walking in the city, there is a billboard for NASCAR and adam’s image (which i dream-remember him telling me about working out in advance) is printed on the front of the car. I see that billboard as I walk. I go to a house party that David from tandem (i think) is throwing when the older black male shows up. I freak out because I know he has the gun and frantically start crying and telling everyone that I saw him blow someone’s brains out. Chris is there … everyone is there. I dream-remember Sarah from Tandem telling me about how much of a psycho asshole the guy is from how he’s acted out at Tandem before. Once the party dies down, the older black male goes out to smoke. I am hiding upstairs in David’s apartment, which is huge. I ask if he’s gone, and everyone casually reminds me that he’s just outside. We lock the doors and from a huge window-wall I can see him. I’m bothered by everyone’s general lack of urgency/concern over my safety. I don’t remember how, but Alyssa and I manage to break away from him/the larger group heading home (others were outside smoking as well). We get inside my apartment and think we’ve made it to safety. The older black male is in my apartment. I start freaking out and crying and he shows me his gun and tells me that he’s going to fuck me. His girlfriend (also black) is also there laughing and is clearly a little weirded out based on her eyes. Alyssa runs into the bathroom and starts to shower, leaving me alone with the man. I tell him that I at least need to shower first or get clean. I bust into the bathroom, where alyssa is showering and try to come in. Terrified, Alyssa refuses. The guy, after looking at Alyssa naked in the shower and then to me, comes up behind me to pull me away and rape me at gunpoint. I cry out to Alyssa and cling to the door as she says “mmmmm-mmmmm. nope.” over and over again avoiding tears. I ask if shes really going to leave me by myself and she closes the door. I am crying and a dually scared of being raped, but also of being raped when I’m not clean, as I have no control over what happens to my body. This is when I woke up in terror and I was crying in my sleep